By now all the main items should have been ordered, the car, dress, venue, flowers, cake…

Now comes the exciting part – what to do with the venue!!

When walking into the room for your wedding breakfast for the first time, unless you already have an idea it is sometimes difficult to imagine what to have on the tables.

We always suggest checking the size of the table and looking at the height of the room, if the ceiling is high then something really small on the table may be lost but if the table is small then having a large centrepiece may look overpowering, consider everything you will have ie: cutlery, crockery, glasses, napkins, place cards, favors, table names, salt & pepper – WOW!! that’s a lot to go on a table and find the room for a centrepiece, well don’t worry it can be done.

We have highlighted below just a few of the balloon or flower centrepieces we have used and how they work in certain rooms, but remember sometimes less is more! you don’t want to overdo it then look back at the photos and say “what was I thinking”

Balloon Centrepiece

Balloons can work on any table with any ceiling height in air filled or helium arrangements starting from £5.84

  • 3 5 or 7 balloon arrangements
  • 5 or 7 stepped balloon arrangement on a mirror plate
  • air filled topiary tree
  • Cloud 9
  • 16″ air filled balloon arrangment

Handmade flower Centrepieces

Balloons are not your thing then maybe our balloon flower centrepieces might work for you instead.

All our centrepieces come with mirror plate, tea lights & table scatter crystals starting from £12.50

  • Globe holder with candle or crystals & light
  • Square vase with crystals, light & flowers
  • Small Martini glass with crystals, light & flowers
  • Tall Martini glass with crystals, light & flowers
  • Upside down Champagne glass with candle & flower
  • Birdcage with candle & flowers
Square vase with balloons

Not sure of what you would like on your tables, balloons or glass centrepiece then considering having the best of both, we can place any balloon arrangements inside one of our centrepieces, if you hire flower centrepieces from a florist just let them know you need room to place a small balloon weight or we can talk direct to them for you.