Balloon Decorations

Balloon decorations are perfect when celebrating a Wedding, Christening, birthday or any special occasion, organising a corporate or charity event. We aim to find the colour, printed balloon & design to suit your theme.

Balloon designs can transform any venue, with a variety of colours, foils and printed balloons available there should be something for everyone. From a simple 3 balloon table arrangement to impressive columns, arches, or a unique personalised arrangement.

All our Helium and air filled decor is either weighted or attached to stands, only our Exploding balloons are hooked to the ceiling, with full liability insurance & training in balloon décor & helium safety you can rely on us to provide a professional & colourful finish to any venue


String of Pearl, Quick links, Spiral, Double bubble, there is a arch to suit every colour & theme

Helium & air filled

Arches can be made with latex or foil balloons in helium and air filled, place over a table or doorway, attach to columns to make a dance floor canopy, air fill and hang from corners across the ceiling

Table arrangements

table arrangements start with 3 balloons, add a foil or double bubble, attach to a weight or insert in a flower arrangement

Floor arrangements

Floor arrangements can be the same as table arrangements or have 3 double bubbles, clouds, single foils & many more…


air filled in a variety of sizes topped with foils or double bubbles, attach an archto 2 columns over a doorway for a grand entrance

Unusual decor

Linked cloud 9 arrangement, Dance floor canopy, Balloon exploder,  table top Bride & Groom, we have a variety of unusual décor to suit any theme

Something different

looking for something a little different then our fantasy flowers made from balloons in your colour can be used to weigh down the balloon arrangement or have in our glass centrepiece

Personalised decor

we are now offering to personalise foil & deco balloons with names, dates or anything you would like added to make your décor unique to you


As balloon professionals we are always conscious of our customers concerns about balloons & helium which is why the Industry has created the “smart balloon practise” to help make you more aware of the fun balloons can bring, how to handle them properly and look after the environment.

As a balloon professional we will never promote Balloon releases and always try and offer an alternative


Whether you are organising your own balloon décor or hiring a professional it is a good idea to read these guidelines!

We have a responsibility to look after the environment and always try and recycle everything we use.

Latex Balloons – When buying latex balloons from us we will always ask you to pin then bin them. If you are looking for something unusual then we can turn your latex balloons into our handmade flowers for a small charge.

Foil Balloons – Although these are not biodegradable they can still be used again. Cut them round the seam and use them to wrap pressies for a fun alternative to paper or frame them for the kiddies if they have a fun theme.

Deco balloons – These are made of plastic and should not be given to children to play with, pin them and put them in with the recycling!

Keep balloons secured to a weight

Helium balloons should always be secured to a weight with ribbon individually incase they become free

Do not release foil balloons

Foil balloons are made from a metallic material, if released they can get tangled in trees or power lines & cause problems

Always keep balloons away from young childern

Children can choke on a piece of latex or sufffocate if they tear open the deco balloons. They are not toys to be played with. Please always take care with balloons around childern

Some people are known to have a latex allergy!

Although latex balloons are 100% biodegradable, some people may have an allergy to them. Alternatives are foil or deco balloons