Terms and Conditions of Hire

If you book our services you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of


The ‘Company’ is Inflate 2 Create Trading as Inflate 2 Create The ‘Hirer’ is any person or company who hires or has
agreed to hire Goods from the Company. ‘Goods or equipment’ means goods provided by the Company in accordance
with the Company’s standard Terms and Conditions of hire.

Acceptance of Conditions

The customer’s acceptance of goods on hire implies acceptance by signing and agreeing to our Conditions of Hire as
given below.

Retention of Title

1.1 All goods remain the absolute property of the company and the customer undertakes not to sell, offer to sell, assign
charge, pledge or underlet, lend or otherwise deal with the products unless agreed otherwise with the company.
2.1 A £80.00 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your booking with us of which will be deducted on the final
2.2 Bookings can be completed on our website by visiting https://www.inflate2create.co.uk/Booking. The deposit of
£80.00 can be paid in cash, cheque or BACS payment, the details of which can be found on the invoice provided.
2.3 The deposit must be paid within 1 month of receiving the estimate to secure the booking, Inflate 2 Create reserve the
right to release the date after this time if we have not received the deposit or communication from the client (You)
unless otherwise agreed with Inflate 2 Create
3.1 All prices are detailed on the estimate, from time to time Inflate 2 Create will have to increase their prices due to
manufacturers increase, we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum, you will be notified in writing of any price

Loss/Damage deposit

4.1In addition to the Booking deposit & invoice payment we require a Loss/Damage deposit for all hire items, this is to
cover loss or damage to an item where it can no longer be hired, payment will be deducted from the deposit or the full
amount retained to replace new, a receipt will be sent with details of the amount to be charged. Photos can be provided
for damaged items.
4.2 £70 is required for table linen or up to 100 chair cover & sash hire, additional £50 is required when extra items
are added such as glassware, balloon frames or Backdrop. £150 is required when more than 3 hire products are booked.

Minimum Spend

5.1 A minimum spend requirement of £100 is required within a 10 mile radius of Inflate 2 Create or a minimum spend of
£200.00 + Delivery for 40 miles from Inflate 2 Create. For Events/Venues further than 40 miles, we have a minimum
spend of £400.00 + Delivery (unless otherwise agreed with Inflate 2 Create).

5.2 Balloon Decor – A minimum spend of £20 is required within a 5 mile radius of Inflate 2 Create, or a minimum spend of
£50 + delivery for 20 mile radius of Inflate 2 Create. For Events/Venues further than 20 miles, we require a minimum spend of
£100 + Delivery (unless otherwise agreed with Inflate 2 Create).

Day of Setup

6.1 On the day of setup, we will require all linen on the tables ready for us to dress the tables. If you are using the same
function room for both your ceremony and reception, we will need to be advised as to when the room will be ready to
dress, we are unable to wait until the ceremony is finished to dress the tables (unless pre-arranged with us).
6.2We are unable to un-stack or arrange chairs at your venue, this is something you will need to arrange with the venue
prior to our arrival. If this is something we need to do than a charge of £20 will be required before the event or deducted
from your Loss/Damage security deposit.
6.3You (the client) must confirm with the venue avaialable access time for setting up on the day, Balloon décor & venue
styling can be time consuming & access to the venue will need to be earlier than you would expect, Inflate 2 Create
cannot be held resposible for any problems which arise from late access to the venue to complete the setup.

Hire of Goods

7.1 As much as we try to eliminate marks and small stains form all linen, there maybe times where some marks are
visible, we do bring spares with us to replace items & we will try to rectify any obvious marks. We aim to have a high
standard of hire goods, everything is kept in the dry & looked after, sashes are either new or only used a handful of
times before replacing, Balloons are always new & of the highest quality 100% biodegradable latex. Going forward we
aim to reduce the number of plastic items used in our balloon décor & centrepieces.

Cover Loss or Damage of Hired Equipment

8.1 The Customer assumes complete responsibility for loss of, or damage to the hire products (other than fair wear and
tear) from the time the equipment is delivered to the venue/premises, and until it is collected.
8.2 The charge will be for the cost of replacing the equipment with new stock. For a full list of the prices please contact
us. Charges for loss/damage to smaller items will be at the discrention of Inflate2Create
We strongly recommend you taking out wedding insurance for such instance.
8.3 Items covered under the Loss/Damage Deposit are:-
• Backdrop – Food or Drink stains which cannot be removed, tears due to chairs or tables being placed on the
foot of the curtain or someone walking on the foot of the curtain and damaging the lighting.
• Chair cover & Sashes – Food or Drink stains which cannot be removed, sashes taken by someone and not
• Table Linen – Food or Drink stains which cannot be removed, table runners taken by someone & not returned.
• Glassware – Centrepieces, tea light holders including tea lights, lighting in the centrepiece
• Extras – Table swagging, lighting, lanterns, table plan, table number holders, mirrors, all types of battery
candles, framework for Balloon Decor, 6ft Champagne bottle inflatable.
8.4 It is the responsibility of the You (The Client) to make your guests aware these items are on hire and not avaialable
to take home

Payment for Damaged or Missing Items

9.1 By accepting the booking form you are happy for us to take payment from the Loss /Damage security deposit for
any missing/damaged items at replacement cost.
9.2 If we do need to use the Loss/Damage security deposit then we will send you a receipt along with a description of
the goods that were missing/damaged. Photos can be provided of proof of damage.
9.3 We strongly recommend that you sign the hired items in and out before they are collected by our stylists. If you are
unable to do this we will check the items at both the venue and on collection and our decision is final. Photos will be
provided for proof of damage

Badly stained

10.1 Where a hired items is returned to us badly stained or soiled, or may require additional work to get the product
back to a re-hirable standard, there may be an additional cleaning time added to your account, Photos can be provided
on request

Hire Charges – Period of Hire

11.1 The hire charge for the products commences from the time that we dress the venue, and continues until the
equipment is collected.
11.2 It is the esponsibility of You (The Client) to make sure all hire items are secure after the event when collection is
made the following day.

DIY Hire

12.1 It is the responsibility of You (The Client) to ensure all hire items are collected within 36 hours before a function &
retured within 36 hours afterwards unless otherwise agreed with Inflate2Create.
12.2 Any Linen hired must be returned in the bags provided and not left outside, damage due to bad weather conditions
or damp may result in charges for extra cleaning.
12.3 Dry hire of linen, sashes & table runners will be inspected for any burn marks if You (The Client) chooses to iron
them, cost of replacement for new will be deducted from the Loss/Damage deposit


13.1 The full balance is due 6 weeks prior to your event date and an invoice will be sent 6-8 weeks in advance. Once the
invoice has been paid we cannot issue refunds on any items that are no longer required but can exchange items subject
to stock availbility.
13.2 If full payment has not been made by the date of the Event/Function Inflate 2 Create reserve the right to refuse to


14.1 Cancellation will result in the forfeit of the deposit or full amount 4 weeks prior to the event. Cancellation must be
made in writing and either sent to our address at the bottom of this page or by email to enquiries@inflate2create.co.uk we
will reply to you sending a confirmation of cancellation, so if you don’t hear from us we haven’t received your

Changes to an order

15.1 You can make changes to your order up to the point of 6 weeks in advance of the event. Significant changes to an
order may change the quote you originally obtained. Items can be added on as long as they are in stock at any point.
15.2 Additional charges will be taken from the Loss/Damage security deposit for any new items we need to purchase
within 4 weeks of the event; when only balloon décor has been ordered & there is no security deposit then payment for
additional items must be made in full before the event.


16.1 Any discrepancies with an order must be notified within 7 days after the event. Any discrepancies that are not
notified during this period will be exempt from any refund. We dress multiple events a weekend so need to know as
soon as possible if their was any issues/discrepancies to be able to obtain all the information required to answer any

Adverse Weather Conditions

17.1 We cannot accept responsibility for any of our items that are used outside should they be damaged, soiled or
affected by weather conditions after we have left them – Examples are; Swagging & Draping are intended as temporary
constructions, Lighting, Balloon Decor, severe weather conditions may affect the completed look.
17.2 In the event of adverse conditions, it is Inflate 2 Create’s sole discretion on all outside decor if to provide the hired
items due to potential damage and safety. Therefore, no refunds are given for any items not used under such incidences
or should be affected by weather.

Cancellation Due to unexpected circumstances

18.1 Inflate 2 Create cannot be be held responsible for any circumstances that may prevent us from attending your
event; these may include but are not limited to severe weather conditions, traffic delays, breakdown of our vehicle,
sickness or equipment failure.
18.2In the case that we cannot attend or fulfil your hire due to events beyond our control we will contact you or the
venue as soon as possible. In these instances we will endeavour to find a solution. We highly recommend you take out
Wedding Insurance to protect you against these circumstances.
This contract is binding & we highly recommend you read through carefully before signing, anything item you wish to
discuss please contact us the following
Infalte 2 Create
14 Barton Road
Bognor Regis
West Sussex
PO22 9AN
Tel: 01243 827878 (9am to 5pm Mon to Fri) Leave a message or phone mobile if urgent
Mobile: 07774087161 (during summer months at weekends we will be busy with weddings, leave a message and we
will get back to you)
Email: enquiries@inflate2create.co.uk