Valentines Day

 Where did it all begin”

February is the month of love – It’s often expected for a couple who have been together for a while to get engaged on Valentines day “No pressure then for the one who is expected to propose”

It’s also a month some people find tough to get through if they are single, divorced, widowed or going through a tough time, you don’t want to see cards, teddies, balloons everywhere you go, I should know as I didn’t get a Valentines card until I met “HUBBY” Chas & I was 24.

Now being in the Wedding Industry we hope lots of couples get engaged on 14th February so I thought I would do a bit of research on St. Valentines, who he was & how it all started.

Who was Saint Valentine?

Research into who Saint Valentine was come up with different saints over the years-

  • 1st story is of a Priest said to have been killed for marrying young couples in secret as the Roman Emporer Claudius outlawed marriage for his soldiers as he preferred them not to have any family distractions.
  • 2nd story is of a man called Valentine who helped prisoners escape Roman prisons, he was captured himself & said to have fallen in love with possibley the Jailers Daughter who visited him, before his death he sent her a letter signed “From your Valentine” this was believed to be the 1st Valentine’s card

Foil Heart balloon

Valentine traditions!

  • Fertility Festival – I’m glad we don’t practise this tradition anymore as it is believed to be part of a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus the Roman God of Agriculture. I won’t go into details but the women & crops are touched with a piece of blood soaked goats hide, the women then put their names into a big urn, the batchelors pick a name of the lady they will spend the following year with, sometimes this even leads to marriage.
  • February was the start of mating season for our feathered friends & so it became the month of LOVE.
  • CHOCOLATE!  – Who doesn’t love receiving them on Valentines day or any day. In the 17th Century spanish explorers brought chocolate back from their travels, It’s popularity increased in Europe possibly because it is said to have aphrodisiac effects – “Ladies don’t tell your partners this one”

Whicever story you like Valentine’s day will be around for many years to come with young & old buying flowers, cards, teddies, chocolates & balloons “which is good for us balloon companies” for someone they already love or love from afar.

Valentine Balloons!

More unusual gifts can be given to someone special today even heart shaped foil balloons are added to teddie or flower arrangements.

More hotels, restaurants & even charity events are celebrating Valentines by offering special dinners, charity balls or dinner dance evenings.

We had the pleasure of being involved in a Valentine event on the 10th in aid of the National Autism Society, brother & sister Nigel & Nicola approached us to help with styling the hall, we decided to go with air filled balloon décor, handmade balloon flower centrepieces, table linen & lighting which really set the mood for a fab evening.

A final note:-

On the rare occasion I do get flowers from Chas sometimes with a bit of prompting from me – whatever you’re doing have a “Happy Valentines” day from one old Romantic & if you get a ring Woohoo! then have a look over our website.


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